I Need Someone To Stop Me

My name is Tony, and I am addict.

Seriously. The siren call of silver things which cost lots of money, have remote controls, flashing lights and that plug in to televisions is irresistible to me. We now have a digital set top box. Our aerial cord runs from the wall, to the digital box, to the Foxtel box, to the VCR and finally to the telly.

It’s fantastic to watch the footy in true widescreen, the sound is amazing and picture clarity astonishing. We can finally see the rude bits on SBS clearly (worth the price of the box alone according to my officemate). The only thing left to add is a Playstation 2, but I think if I push that one I’ll be playing it on my own in my own bachelor pad.

2 Replies to “I Need Someone To Stop Me”

  1. You can’t get a PS2. It wouldn’t be silver.

    (Though I vaguely remember seeing mention of a limited edition silver PS2 somewhere recently.)

  2. Re: Digital set top boxes, it’s a pity that the ABC no longer carries Fly TV as a separate channel on their digital service. I loved watching this channel at mum and dad’s place (they received it through Austar on Channel 14 on satellite), they had the Triple J Net 50 Video Show, alternative music clips no one else would dare to show and cool animation shows. Now thanks to their head honcho Russell Balding (who made Jonothan Shier look viewer friendly in comparison) and various bureaucratic bungling, it is no more. But you can still listen to the ABC’s internet radio music stream “DIG” and watch the “SBS World News Channel” (various overseas foreign language news services – the inspiration for the Viktor and Sveta “Good Morning Moscow” sketches on Fast Forward all those years ago) on it.

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