Wake Up Tigerland

So, it appears they have listened to me (hah!) and some players are playing for their future. Big deal.

This quote just goes to show how far out of touch are the powers that be at Tigerland :

Club president Clinton Casey urged members not to be “so reactive to the on-field performance” in the future as had happened this year with the club’s membership down by some 2500 from last season, which has had a huge financial impact on the Tigers.

Urging us not to be so reactive. I spent almost $500 on my membership this year Mr Casey and what have I got from it? A cheap stick pin, a car sticker, six wins, and seven losses in a row (three, at least, of which we should have won), a team that constantly under performs, a club that eats its own and this constant bleating to be patient. Why on earth should I fork over half a grand next year with expectation of more of the same? WHY? Don’t tell me it will change – 2 finals appearances in 11 years and it’s not looking like we’re going to be harassing the top eight any time soon. ‘Don’t be reactive’ you say – again I ask, why the hell not?

Wake up Tigerland, how much more patient can we be? We’ve had enough. We have been patient. We’ve given you what you want. I renew my membership every year (and will no doubt stupidly continue to do so), I support the club, I wear my tiger heart on my sleeve day in day out; don’t talk down to me and tell me to be patient. I can see where problems lie – why the hell can’t you?

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