Bye Bye 2003

I’m furious enough to burst and sad enough to cry.

Why Tiges? Why? You played one quarter of football that would win you a premiership and THREE FREAKIN QUARTERS WHERE YOU MAY AS WELL HAVE NOT BEEN ON THE FIELD! THREE QUARTERS! We didn’t deserve to win, but we should have ’cause we had to. Hear that guys? Today was the last roll of the AFL dice and you let it go.

I hope you are now all playing for you jobs. Half of you have to go and the other half probably should. Yes Jen, even though he tried today and actually got us in to the position to win, I’m beginning to agree that Richo has to go too; and I never thought I’d be saying that.

Tiges, all you had to today was try. And you didn’t. And it hurts.

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