Mustard Hit

We’ve run out of mustard.

So, you say, pop on down to Coles or Woolies and grab yourself another jar.

Hah! We say. That may be okay for mere mortal mustard users but not for us, no way. We love our mustard so when we run out its time to pack the car, jump on the Hume (see the route we will be taking) and take a drive. Two and half hours later we’ll be at Milawa Mustards. They make their mustards fresh from the crops you see growing in the fields around the store. The flavours, from the mildest of milds to Three Seed Chili are mouth wateringly divine. We stock up with enough supplies for another six months and head on home. Five hours driving for six jars of mustard, and it is worth every second.

So, any orders? We’ll be popping in to Brown Brothers for a bottle (or two) and maybe some cheese from The Milawa Cheese Factory too.

3 Replies to “Mustard Hit”

  1. “Mustard” is “mustard”, actually according to the companies the taste is differnt. And “Humbergers”, “hot dogs” comes with ,of coruse, “Mustard”. And we haave “Japanese mustard” called “KARASHI”. Well, “honey mustard” –what???? interesting!

  2. Hi Mieko,

    they have 15 different types of mustard. We sample each one every time we go and usually buy five or six differnt types. This time we will stock up on their honey mustard and garlic mustard. Is mustard popular in Japan?

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