Radio As I Like It

I remember when Triple J made its first step to becoming a national broadcaster and began broadcasting in to Melbourne. It must’ve been 1988 or 89 and I was hooked on the selection they rotated for a week as a test broadcast, it ran the gamut from Transvision Vamp to New Order. The music was great, no real playlists and presenters who knew what they were talking about. They cared about music, wanted to bring everyone in to their world. It was a joy to listen to.

Then came the weekend of bloodletting when most of the on-air staff were sacked. This was the beginning of the end for Triple J as they slowly devolved in to a ratings driven, play list centric safe left of centre station. Issues and image became more important than the music. I slowly drifted off, part in fact due to my musical tastes changing (or more to the point not changing) and partly ’cause I guess I was just growing up.

I thought I’d become a talk radio listener for good until recently when I found a station that harks back to Triple J’s glory days. BBC – 6 Music is the station I’ve waited a decade to find. Of course, being on the other side of the world I can only listen to it over the net but for the hours that I can I love my music again. They even had Low Life as the album of the day yesterday.

So if work is paying for your bandwidth tune in. It’s everything a great radio station should be.

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  1. Miss Marita,

    you do realise that when I become rich and famous you will have to be ‘taken care of’? You know far too much. All I can say is thank god for change.

  2. Did they play Billy Joel too? Or Andrew Lloyd Webber shoe tunes?
    No wonder you drifted away.

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