Tired & Grumpy

I’m tired and grumpy, again. This time it’s not because someone has nicked one of my pictures (“Thank god” cry the assembled throng). This time its dog owners (no, different ones). There’s an ever-so-cool couple out in the park with two huge dalmatians. Both, of the dogs that is, off the leash, but hey – it’s too much trouble to go one block further to the only off the leash area in the neighborhood so lets just let ’em run here unchecked. And while were at it let’s not bother picking up their droppings because, hey, why should we? Let’s also look terribly offended when someone suggests maybe they should bring a plastic bag with ’em.

I reckon they probably drove here above the speed limit, smoke in the doorways of buildings whenever they get the chance and leave their mobiles on in the cinema too. Why bother following rules, or common courtesy; it’s all about me, isn’t it?

I think I might go have a cup of tea and a good lie down now.

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  1. I often hear and see such troubles. At one park walking dog is prohibited. Of course many people with dogs are walking against the rule. In this case the rule is worng. We should think how we share each pleasure without standing in their way. Well how about your “fahter’s day”?, please drop by my diary and write your comments.

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