The Wash Up

Bryan Sheehan
Shaun Ryan
Derek Woodcock

You are all marked men. Never show your face near Punt Rd again. I have $14.65 in my wallet and this is now a price on your head(s). Just remember that umpires are meant to be neutral, not play for one of the teams.

In other words, the Tiges lost.

The ICE also lost. The Doggies lost too. A trifecta of misery. I’m going to bed to dream dark dreams.

2 Replies to “The Wash Up”

  1. Update :

    I had to buy coffee and paper on Sunday morning so the bounty is now at $7.15. You’d better be quick though ’cause I need a coffee.

  2. Don’t you just love footy – at the 20 minute mark of the fourth quarter those same three umpires had a price on their heads from the Carlton supporters when they paid a mark to Richo that was stolen from Matty Allen!!
    But at the end of the game all was forgotten when we had won. What a difference a win makes in your thoughts on the umpiring!!

    Go Blues!!

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