More Good News for Sci Fi Fans (And A Sisterly Recollection)

I don’t even know how long this news has been around but I just discovered the aliens from V may be back.

I loved the original mini series, second one wasn’t so grand as the focus on ideas that made the first so compelling was replaced by an emphasis on action. I think I was about 13 or 14 when the mini series was screened here and the only reason I got to see it was because that night I was staying at my sisters. I begged and pleaded with mum and dad to watch the second instalment the next night and miraculously they let me.

In Shepparton the series (of which I still have the entire set on VHS) was broadcast by GMV 6 on a Friday night. Now this presented a problem because Mum liked to watch the football on Friday night, or maybe it was the gardening show on the ABC (this was almost twenty years ago so some memories are well and truly lost in the fog). Thankfully sister #2 came to the rescue and come 8.30 on Friday I’d put on my ever so cool blue detachable sleeves parka and walk down the block to watch it at Kate’s house. Being the true sci-fi geek I am was, I even took notes on characters as I’d been inspired by the just released Dr Who Programme Guides and thought I’d do the same for V.

I sometimes wonder how I turned out so normal.

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  1. Saw that Daniel, the giant hand puppet terrorising Victorian London. Still one of the great episodes and very tempting to start my Dr Who DVD collection with.

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