My Graphic Past

Just when you think you’re safe…

I was going for a walk today at lunch, as I always do, and appreciating this fine Melbourne winter day when I saw a sign. Not a ‘light goes on over the head and tells me something sign’ or ‘the clouds part and god talks sign’ but an honest to goodness metal sign. And this sign had one of my creations on it.

A few years ago I was doing a web site for a clinical trial company. We were sitting around having a coffee talking about the site when Steve mentioned he didn’t have a logo but knew roughly what he wanted. I fired up Fireworks on my borrowed lap top and asked ‘sorta like this?’.

Well it wasn’t sorta like what he wanted – it was exactly what he wanted. And it’s terrible. Really really terrible. It’s sequel-to-Weekend-At-Bernie’s terrible. And now the worst company logo in recorded history is plastered on a sign at 151 Wattletree Rd for me, and the world, to see every day.

If I can summon up the courage I’ll bring my camera in tomorrow. Remember – you have been warned.

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