Saturday night was marked by two screaming fits.

1st Fit – Phoebe.

In a lovely move Veronica and Steve invited Phee to their engagement party. After a very slow start Phee began to warm up and all was going well until she got an eyelash in her eye. Then the screaming began. She was screaming so loud as her mum tried to help you could here it over the great 80’s music the DJ was playing. The screaming continued outside, but for no reason as by now the associated tears had well and truly washed the eye lash away. The screaming kept going as we marched her to the car and drove home – all under an hour in to the evening. Poor Veronica, her family must be wondering who the mad people were abusing their child at the end of the table. We’re sorry we didn’t even get to say goodbye Veronica, we were having a good night and the last thing we wanted to do was leave – I’d just discovered the chicken too. Thinking back we could have handled it better and stayed but we were so embarrassed and didn’t want to cause a scene we didn’t think and just ran.

2nd Fit – Me

Back at home and after we calmed down we turned on the radio to listen to the footy. The Tigers were playing Melbourne in an incredibly tight game – until half way through the final quarter when the Demons got two goals up. Being the optimist I am I declared the game over and left the room. But the Tigers, in a season defining move, fought back. They were behind but never mind, they fought and fought and won. The scream from me when the siren went would have woken the dead, or made the people enjoying the engagement party on the other side of the city think that Phee had returned.

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  1. You should’ve been there, then you would’ve heard some screaming. Woo Hoo indeed!

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