Metal Rooster

For those of you who remember the great rooster hunt of 2002 you will know how much Rae and I value our sleep. We now have a metal rooster – some people call them cars – to contend with .

RevHeadBoy from the place in front of us has a hotted up car (Don’t ask me what sort, that’s Rae’s domain). He and a like minded group of youths had spent several weekends installing a $2000 (!) sound system in it. On the nature strip. In plain view of any one walking by. Surprise, surprise when the weekend after the installation was complete someone smashed a window and nicked it.

Mr RevHeadBoy now parks his car next to our window. The car that now (too late she cried!) has an alarm fitted to it. An alarm that goes ‘BEEP’ at 5.30 every morning just before he revs it down the drive. When asked to stop doing this The Boy told us he was “waiting for a permit from the council to park on the nature strip instead of the street.”.


Between the Beep and the revs we’re awake and this early morning wake up call is going to be the death of us. We’re just about ready to kill each other through lack of sleep (we would go out and kill The Boy but that’d take too much energy that early in the morning).

To make matters just dandy there are only three units, there doesn’t seem to be a body corp and the other two live in each others pockets. No one to complain to, nowhere to go, no place to hide or sleep.

Suggestions anyone?

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  1. Sympathy. We still have the milkman from hell screaming round our estate in his F1 car at 4.47 every morning. I’ve had it up to here (indicates point eight feet above head) and am going to get him sacked this weekend.

  2. All this, two days after we signed the lease for another 12 months. We should have realised it was a bad idea to live anywhere near an 18 year old boy.
    He’s not going to get a permit to park it on the nature strip – I’ve been ticketed parking on a nature strip in the past! So I think this will be a no-ender.
    PS: It’s a VR hon. We need you to learn your Holdens and Fords to start with.

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