W Day

I couldn’t sleep list night through anticipation. Today may be W-Day – Widescreen Day!

After out savings/ebaying frenzy we’ve got the money and now there’s been a price drop on the widescreen television we want so it’s action stations. Rae is doing the rounds of the Coles Myer stores today (we’ve got a heap of vouchers for them from our Visa card program and Fly Buy points) to track one down.

My only agony is that I suggested to Rae (who has the day off) that she and Phee meet me at Punt Road for the Tiger’s training session this afternoon and she’s holding me to it. Oh the pain. Sure, I want to see the boys run around and have a snag off the barbie later but knowing there is a shiny new Sony television sitting on the floor just waiting to come out of its box will be killing me.

And for those who are saying “Why do you want to waste money on a widescreen TV when the one you’ve got is great?” (Hi Mum) check out widescreen-o-rama. The second page has some great pictures that really show you what you’re missing on a standard telly.

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