The Blog

What do you do when you’re bored at work, want five minutes of distraction and no one is around to bother you?

You work on your blog of course.

Pt 1. The name. When I fist started this blog (inspired by years of reading Daniel) I used Blogger and named it ‘Between Coffees’ ’cause that’s what I talk about – the stuff that happens between coffees. Somehow when I outgrew Blogger and got with the the heavies (Movable Type) my name disappeared to be replaced by, well, my name.

My name is okay for me but for a blog it’s pretty bloody boring so I’ve switched back. Look up at the top of the page and everyone say welcome back to ‘Between Coffees’.

Pt 2. I also realised that I want to belong, I’m needy in that way, so I thought I’d join the Melbourne Bloggers web ring. Unfortunately I’ve suffered my first blogging rejection – the page is down.

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