After the recent Carpal Tunnel diagnosis I finally got to see the specialist today. When I say the specialist, I mean his technician. I spent twenty minutes being zapped up and down my arm all the time being encouraged to relax. Right, sending electric shocks through my body is really conducive to relaxing. This little exercise is worth approx $270.

Then the ‘initial consultation’ with the Neurologist.

Doctor appears.
Doctor looks at results of test.
Doctor tells me yes, you did have an episode but it has abated.
Doctor tells me to go see my GP, he will have the results soon.

And that four minutes is worth approx $220.

So, almost $500 later I know what I already knew. The good thing is I work for the hospital so it’s just imaginary money, the whole lot is bulk billed.

Waste of time – 1. Waste of money – 0. Think I came out on top.

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