So, Who Is This God Guy?

A great weekend in Shepp (well apart from Dad being incredibly ill on Saturday – that man is amazing. 80 years old, gets an ear infection on Saturday evening that was so bad Mum called the doctor and by Sunday morning he’s up chasing the cat around. Constitution of a well constituted Ox.) this past weekend. Lovely weather, good wine, good food and a christening.

My nephew Tom was baptised on the weekend and in a bizarre fit of casting against type I was given the honour of being made godfather. Apart from giving Rae endless opportunities to wheel out her uncanny Brando impersonation I guess it means that I, along with Tess and Sue (Helen must be worried if she needs two godmothers to keep me in check), am responsible for leading him away from the straight and narrow in to a life of sin and debauchery.

Or something like that. I wasn’t really paying attention.

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