Tigerland Turns It On

A perfect day for a perfect start to a season destined to go nowhere.

On an absolutely glorious late summers day the Tigers held their jumper presentation and family day today at Punt Rd. Under blazing sun and blue sky we wandered around, checking out the players and the entertainment on offer.

The players were by and large a good bunch. Wayne Campbell was very approachable, Spud (the coach, Danny Frawley) was fantastic with Phee but Richo was so surly. I suppose when you’re paid three quarters of a million a year to play footy and do nothing else it might be a bit much to crack a smile for the people who help pay your wages. Any ways, I got my footy signed by Campbo and Richo, we got some photos and saw the presentation. Given Richmond’s current form this may well be the highlight of the year.

Go Tige’s.

Have a look at some pictures – Tiger Family Day 2003 Pictures.

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