She’s An Odd One

Further more to Phee’s birthday….

So there’s the Barbie’s, the pencils, the clothes, the toys but what is the number one present for this year, her seventh birthday?

The number one gift for 2003 is a calculator.

Yes, a calculator.

Phee has whiled away the afternoon lying on her bedroom floor, doing addition and subtraction on her spanking new calculating machine and writing the problems down in a notebook. What’s even stranger is that she only seems to choose combinations that give the result as 12.

That’s my girl.

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  1. It is the first time to leave my comments.
    I’m a Japanese housewife, and I found your diarly after linking, linking,linking– from my friend’s diarly. Do you know RIKACHAN-doll? In Japan it is very popular for girls. When my daughters were kids (now they are in junior high school) I always presented the new clothes for the doll.
    (I don’t know you show Japanese on your computer, but it is the homepage for the doll.)

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