New Canucks Site has been given a complete makeover and it looks great! I was just commenting the other day that the Canucks had one of the worst sites in the NHL – cumbersome, difficult to navigate, pages too long to download and nothing to see on the front page (yep, they had a splash page – but all these things were all the rage way back in 2001 when they launched the site).

Now it’s quick to load, there’s no splash screen, the information is easy to find and it looks pretty cool.

I wonder if it’s in preparation for the Stanley Cup?

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  1. Hi Nigel,

    fires are a huge problem. At the moment especially so because we are the grip of five year drought. The bush is like a tinder box, combined with the explosiveness of eucalyptus oil – trees burst in to fire way ahead of the fire front as the radiant heat heats up the oil. When you talk about fighting fires they can be on such a huge magnitude it takes weeks to control them.

    Today its 40+ right through the state and the winds are hot gusting north westerlies – the sort that help the fire along at a frightening rate. We’re sitting here glued to the news waiting for the worst.

    As for temperatures 97 is 36C – that’s a common temp during the summer months from December to late Feb. Anything up to 30 is fine, 30-35 is getting hot, 35+ is hot. 42 is ridiculous in anyones language.

  2. I can’t imagine that heat. Hottest ever UK temperature in my lifetime: 96F (Aug 98). Tell me, cos I have to know this, in the UK we have quite a good perception of the Aussie way of life, but we always think flies are a big problem. Any truth in that?

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