Go To The Cabaret

Thanks to the generosity of my little sister (hi Helen) we went to see Cabaret last night at Her Majesty’s.

It’s the Sam Mendes production and is spectacular from the energy of the introduction to the chilling finale. Go see it.

A few things.

Lisa McCune is tragically miscast and proves a distraction every time she’s on stage. She has talent to spare but she’s not right for Sally Bowles.
Toby Allan is perfect as the Emcee. You sit waiting for him to come back on stage.
What’s up with the audience? Some laughed at the most dramatic moment of the entire show. Ignorance or discomfort? Who can tell.
The show oozes sex (note to self – come up with better description). Don’t miss the ‘performance’ that goes for the fifteen minutes before the show starts.
Say hi to Anton – he’s the bald guy in the orchestra – I went to uni with him.
Don’t get seats in the front row. You’ll see why.

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  1. True – miscasting of Ms McCune. She did a credible job, but was just not believeable as a tramp (who’da thunk!) and whenever she was on stage, it was way too easy to wathc the rest of the cast.
    And Toby Allan from Human Nature – What an absolute star!

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