80’s Musical Act To Rescue English Cricket

I just misread an article online and thought that The Pointer Sisters were batting for Australia (sorry Ricky Ponting) and then I got to thinking…

seeing as Australia are (at this moment) only 14 runs behind England’s first innings tally, with 8 wickets in hand and 2.5 days to play maybe England could call up the Pointer Sisters. I’m sure they’d put in just as good an effort. If they’re not available maybe Bucks Fizz could have a crack. I hear that Sheena Easton bowls a mean off break.

I wonder of Nasser Hussain will be brave enough to set foot on English soil once again. Maybe he will have to hand back his OBE.

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  1. Yeah, yeah, but, come on, we’ve taken pity on you by fielding our 2nd XI. Our first-choice side would easily be capable of taking the test at least into a third day. And, remember, you may beat us at most sports, but we have a mean international dwarf-throwing team.

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