Village Cinemas Strike Again

Remember our expidition to see Road to Perdition?

Rae wrote a lovely letter of complaint to the cinema. Today we received a reply.

Village, please note when trying to win back disenchanted customers :
a) Her name didn’t change between you writing the address and you writing the salutation.

b) At least use the spell check.

Thanks for the comp double pass though.

-2 Replies to “Village Cinemas Strike Again”

  1. I’ve got no beef with projectionists Laura, it’s monothilic companies who don’t care about presentation or their customers who I have a beef with. If you’re going to take my money, at least make it so I can watch the film. And hire more projectionists – that way the ones who care can do their job properly and not be rushed off their feet trying to keep up standards on twenty screens at once.

    And please leave your email address – I’d like to be able to mail a reply like this back to the person who makes it.

  2. Have you ever worked as a projectionist? I do, and it is hard working in a bio-booth, as the sound doesn’t reach you from the theatre. Just to let you know, you whinger.

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