Pager Wars

The corridor outside Communications was the scene of bitter struggle this week as Mr Anthony Malloy and A Person Unknown wrestled for control of the prime top-left corner pager slot.

Mr Malloy had been racking his pager in this slot for over a year when late last week he arrived at work to find a new pager in the coveted slot and his moved one to the left. Of course he rightly moved the new pager to another position. Upon leaving work that afternoon he found his slot once more taken by The Person Unknown. This game of shuffling pagers continued for five days until Person Unknown gave in and settled for the slot second from the left.

When approached for an interview Mr Malloy only had this to say, “I’m just glad this ended peacefully and we can all get on with our lives. I wish no ill toward Person’s Unknown, however I hope they have learnt one of life’s more valuable lessons.”

Just what this lesson may be Mr Malloy declined to say.

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  1. Oh dear… I’m so glad I’m working long hours today. I’ll only have to put up with the raving lunatic for one hour this evening, instead of the usual 1 hour and 3 minutes.

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