So Much More For So Much Less (Comparatively)

I’ve been a confirmed Pepsi drinker for years but I must admit I have digressed a little from the One True Beverage path.

Coke have finally released Vanilla Coke on the unsuspecting Australian public and this member of the unsuspecting public actually quite likes it. Sure, it’s only creamy soda by another name but it tastes okay – nothing like Coke at all.

But the thing that gets me most of all (even though I know all the economic and business reasons why – it still doesn’t make plain old sense) is that a 600ml bottle will set you back $2.19, a 2 litre bottle will only cost you $1.99.

(And another web site rant – what a shocking Coke site that is. Try finding a list of the products in Australia, let alone any information on Vanilla Coke. Shocking waste of bandwidth that Splash interface – what’s the point Coke people?!?! Mind you the Pepsi one ain’t much better, but at least they tell you about their new product.)

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