Where be the Rooster?

I’m not obsessing, truly, but there was no rooster this morning and it must be for one of two reasons:

a) It blew away. This is the one I’m hoping for. Last night we (all 4-5 million Melbournians) had a massive wind storm. The SES spokesman said it was their busiest night ever for calls, mainly because the winds were spread over all of Melbourne. So I’m hoping The Rooster From Hell (close relation to The Neighbour FH & The Guests FH) was picked up in a wind gust and is now sitting atop the Rialto (or here) building.

b) The ranger went to see them yesterday and after a nice chat and cup of tea some arrangements have been made so the neighbourhood can sleep in peace.

Hopefully, for your sake and mine, this will be the last rooster bulletin.

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