Dad’s Day

Although Father’s Day started early thanks to our new mortal enemy – next door’s rooster, my first Dad’s Day was magical.

Phoebe purchased me a wonderful present from her school stall – a digital watch. Yep, I am now the proud owner (and sometime wearer) of a camouflage digital watch. Genuine plastic casing and band. It’s rather special. She also gave me a key chain and made me a card – covered with her current favourites incorporating Peter Pan, the Little Mermaid, Buzz Lightyear, Hi-5, the Life Education Van from school (?!?!?) and the collection of Australian coins. That’s my girl.

Rae then made my morning. She gave me a beautiful ring – three intertwined bands running around my finger in a patter guaranteed to give a mobius strip a headache. Between my new watch and ring I’m a pretty lucky guy.

Of course no Dad’s Day is complete without socks (ta Rae), a great breakfast and walk along the water front.

I think I could use to this.

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