Round Up

Chilli KissFirst off, Trish is fine. No more nose bleeds.
Rae and I had really good Mexican the other night at Chilli Kiss. Wonderful food and a most attentive waiter, all though this may have been because he had just spilt a glass over another patron. The lady on the table next to us visibly pulled away as he approached with a tray of drinks. He dealt with it well and she didn’t create a scene – ended up okay for both parties. They’re at 161 Nicholson St, Carlton if you’re feeling hungry.

The TempestIf you go to see the School of Philosophy Players presentation of The Tempest make sure you bring your own cushion. It is long and the seats are hard. I’d never seen The Tempest performed before so enjoyed the evening. It did make me realise how much I have to take Rae to see A Midsummer’s Night Dream in the Botanic Gardens this year. It’s been far too long.

It’s almost a Spring like day today so Phee and I are off for a walk, probably around the lake. Rae’s catching up with an old friend, Paul Kelly is on the CD player and Thomas is luxuriating in the sun. Life is good.

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