A Different Sort Of Day At Work

Today was meant to be The Lovely One’s (ie Trish) farewell do at work. You will notice I said ‘meant’. She called this morning to say she couldn’t make it – her wonderful pregnancy had thrown another curve ball her way by way of an unstoppable bleeding nose. She had it cauterised and packed yesterday and this combined with no sleep put pay to the farewell.

I said I’d take a taxi out to her place to pick up the company car, phone and credit card she wanted to return. Any taxi ride is good when your not paying for it, especially when its half way across Melbourne. After a quick detour to collect some mail I was at Trish’s and getting ready to have a cup of coffee.

That’s when it started.

Her nose began to bleed. And bleed. And then bleed some more.

Two tea towels failed to stem the bleeding so I got to do my first official mercy dash. Off we ran in to the Eye and Ear – parking is no problem when you have a pregnant woman gushing blood from her nose – where she was rushed in to emergency. it was lucky we arrived when we did – the tea towel couldn’t take any more and the only thing in the car was my jacket. I also learnt something else – cauterising doesn?t sound pleasant.

Richard (Trish’s husband) turned up an hour and bit later so I left. If I never see Trish again my last vision of her shall be of a pregnant woman, covered in a blood stained white smock with a towel on her neck, another wrapped around her head and a mask of gauze.

Two weeks to go for the poor thing, and as far as she’s concerned they won’t go quick enough.

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