About A Boy

Quick Review : A major charm offencive wins on all fronts, especially for Hugh Grant.
No So Quick Review : Another Nick Hornsby book turned into another charming film. About A Boy is cleverly made to have you leaving the cinema humming along with a smile on your face.

Hoyts High Point, Cinema 6, No seat numbers

It had been a month since I’d been to a movie and even though we watched Fight Club on DVD last night (god bless home cinema and surround sound) it was great to go to a cinema. It was a Hoyts cinema which just reinforced why I will go out of my way to always go to Village but it was worth the over priced drinks ($4.10 for a bottle of water!), lack of cleaning and uncomfortable seats to see this film.

It’s a wonderful story of a man whose self centred life is slowly turned around by a lonely boy. The humour isn’t forced, the changes take time, the story is interesting and Hugh Grant is superb. You’ll love this film, no matter who you are. Go and see it.

Can’t let the music go by without a mention either. Badly Drawn Boy‘s soundtrack will be great cafe music for years to come.

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