I’m Confused

Okay, reading about the Manchester Commonwealth Games opening ceremony on nineMSN. Admittedly it doesn’t take much to get me to scratch my head and say ‘Duh’ but I’m still wondering just what the flavour of the air actually was.

Paragraph One : “the Manchester Commonwealth Games had a distinctly Antipodean flavour”

Paragraph Four : “Commonwealth Games also had an unmistakably British air.”

Doesn’t someone edit this stuff?

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  1. I’d have sorted that one out!

    Truth is, the opening ceremony was good, but it probably lacked local flavour. Although Manchester is my local city, I have to say it lacks a bit of character. I think the only indigenous culture is crime (worst in Europe) – wouldn’t it be great if that had been the theme of the ceremony, with people in formation wearing balaclavas and hot-wiring cars. If you want a laugh, try:


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