There’s Cost Cutting and There’s Cost Cutting

We went grocery shopping at Coles yesterday. I actually love shopping because it gives me a chance to play with my Palm. I use a great piece of software (SplashShopper) for my shopping list (okay, if this makes me sound like an uber-geek, so be it) and it has the option to sort your list by aisle number.

Being the organised super nerd I am I think this would be a great idea so I asked if they had a map of the store. Now a little history here – Coles is part of Coles Myer, one of Australia’s top business. I remember reading somewhere that 20 cents of every retail dollar spent in Aus is spent at a Coles Myer store. In short, they’re huge.

The lovely check out chick calls up the manager who eventually turns up with a folded map on an A4 sheet. He hands it over to me with the immortal words : “I’ll need this back when you are finished.”

Yeah, right.

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