Everybody needs good neighbours. Yeah right.

We have one next door – Marion (I have a long history of antagonism with neighbours called Marion, maybe more of that one day). Marion is large, loud and very very annoying. She obviously has a problem with Thomas, thinking that it is he who is pooing near her front door. Having noticed me sitting at the desk, window wide open I have heard the following comments this morning.

“Dirty dirty poo” as she sweeps something.
“Yes ‘insert name of yappy little white dog’, that’s where the dirty cat does his poo.”

Neither comment was directed directly to me or Rae, just comments loud enough to ensure we hear.

People like that annoy me so much – if she has a problem then tell me, if not, shut up. Unfortunately for her there is a cat in the front so she has to be moderately circumspect when it comes to accusations.

When I become prime-minister I will outlaw busy body loud mouth neigbours with nothing better to do than stir the pot. She has been warned….

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