Minority Report

Quick Review : Leave with 20 minutes to go & leave happy.

Not So Quick Review : Steven Spielberg makes great movies, if he can only stop his obsession with happy families they would be classics.

Village Sunshine, Cinema 20, E13 6.30

Minority Report, for the most part, is a wonderfully entertaining visually stunning Sci Fi thriller. The ‘unmost’ part is the last twenty or so minutes when Spielberg loses his way.

Tom Cruise plays a detective attached to the ‘Pre Crime’ unit – they arrest people before they have a chance to commit the crime. These crimes are seen in advance by a trio of ‘pre-cogs’. There is much intrigue, running, great chases and a wonderful vision of the future which would make for a fantastic film.

If you sense a however looming at the end of that sentence you are correct. The last twenty minutes abandon all that has gone before and we are treated to another Spielbergian homily on the value of family. It also features perhaps the worse case of needless exposition for many a year.

Please Steve, if I may be so bold, take the risk next time. Make us think.

Roger Ebert loved this film. I can see what he is saying but I wonder if the ending is a cultural thing? The yearning for an America that the rest of us believe never was?

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