Last Night I Dreamt of

Last Night I Dreamt of Cardboard Boxes Again

Boxes, everywhere. Yep, we are officially tenants after paying the rent we got the keys. I moved one car load from my place, then we did two loads of two cars from Rae’s. Thankfully Knackers cooked us a great dinner in-between loads that kept us going. It’s quite amazing the amount of junky we’ve transported already. A couple more loads tonight and then it’s just the big stuff tomorrow.

A big disappointment however is the keys. This place has more keys than a piano factory. Front door, dead lock, security door, window, sliding door, sliding security, patio bolts, window locks, back door, back dead lock and then there are the keys that seem to have no purpose. So much for minimalist approach to keys.

The amazing thing is the smell of the house. It is identical to a house I’ve known before, only thing is I can’t remember what one. It’ll come to me one day, otherwise it will drive me mad.

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