New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Started the packing last night, all my CD’s and DVD’s done. Manged to fit all my DVD’s into one box (except for the Buffy box sets). Parcelled it up and realised that cardboard box was worth about $2,500. I really have to get better on my spending.

Been thinking and as this is a whole new beginning I’m adopting a search and destroy policy for the move. If I haven’t touched/warn/used something in the past year it is either going to the Salvo’s or in the bin. No mercy. I’ve even bought a new keyring so I can move only the keys I need along with the pocket knife and torch on to that. It;s getting quite exciting and if I can get enough boxes today so I can pack this evening I’ll be a lot happier.

Weekend did have another down point. The Tiger’s aren’t even half the team they were last year. No drive, no passion, no skill, no chance. We play Sydney next Saturday night at Colonial but I don’t think I’ll get to see them unfortunately. If yesterday’s game was a must win, this is a double plus must win.

This time next week I will have driven to work from the new family home. Bizzare.

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