Argh, another Tuesday night I’m not going to running group and I’m getting very, very frustrated.

A few months ago I popped my hip flexor and had to take a couple of months off running. Recovery went well, even better than expected, and I eased my way back. I managed one running group and a few 5k’s before what I thought was just a shoe rubbing on my toe turned out to be an infection and that side lined me for a couple of weeks.

Now my toe is back to normal but my doctor has pointed out I have plantar fascia. Looking back I realise I’ve had it for a while, only it was hidden by the hip and toe. So now I’m back to not running while I try to get the stage where I can walk without pain. I’m seeing a podiatrist this weekend and will no doubt end up with ridiculously expensive orthotics to help me out. I know that as long as I keep up my stretching and do what the professionals tell me to I’ll be back running before too long but looking out the window on a day like today, thinking how magnificent it would be to out running, is beginning to get me down.

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