No Running For You!

A couple of weeks ago I was running with Robin down along St Kilda beach. Right on the 5k mark I felt this ping in my leg and that was it, I hobbled on for 20 metres but couldn’t run any more. Back at the car I couldn’t raise my leg to get in. Hmmm, that couldn’t be good.

The next day I felt fine, but I thought I’d take the week off just to be on the safe side and didn’t run until last Tuesday night, which is Point Cook Community Running Group. The 3k warm up was fine but 5k in to the speed work something wasn’t right. Not painful as such, but definitely not right. I finished my sprint and opted out of the cool down jog.

I decided that I probably should see someone about it, maybe get a massage and all would be fine. Hmmmm.  As it turns out there’s  a specialist sports physio attached to my our gp’s practice so I rocked up there on Saturday morning, all ready to be given the all clear. That’s not quite how it turned out.

After one legged squats, some balancing, measuring, bending and poking the news was not good.

I have a pretty good strain of the iliopsoas, the hip flexor muscles, and if all goes well it will be 3 months until I can run again. Hopefully I’ll be back to in December so I can get some kilometers in while the weather is still good but this timing really sucks. Good news is I can cycle at the gym, as this uses different muscles, so I won’t lose any fitness but I’m going to miss City 2 Sea and a couple of other spring races I had planned. There’s lots of gentle stretches and pretty uncomfortable manipulation ahead before I start on a gym program designed to build up my left side.

Not quite the spring fitness campaign I had planned, but if I do everything right I should be back on the track, better than before.

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