Guilty Pleasure Reading Challenge

One of my guilty pleasures, especially over summer, is reading Stephen King novels. I know, I know – but I enjoy them, and it probably dates back to reading It as a 16 year old when on summer holidays. Scared the living daylights out of me that one.

I’ve read a few more over the next * cough * 28 years or so and always found them fun. I normally buy his latest on Boxing Day and it becomes my new year’s break read.

Now a while ago I worked through Ian Rankin’s detective Rebus stories on the Kindle, which was fun and I’ve been wondering what to do next. Just the other day I was having a Twitter conversation with a teacher and it turned out they are tackling all of Stephen King’s books in order, or as close to as they can muster.

I did a quick search. 56 novels. Hmmm. That’s a few, and at around $12.00 a pop on the Kindle a bit pricy. So I’ve modified it. Over the next couple, maybe few, years I’m going to do the Stephen King Op Shop Challenge. I’m going to try and find each of books, in order, in op shops and second hand book shops and work my way through them. Only as a last resort will I buy them on Kindle and I have to find them for under $10.

Of course I’m not going to read only Mr King’s books, but I think this will be fun.

Now I’m off to hunt down ‘Carrie’.

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