Adding To The T-Shirt Collection

I can’t believe it. A couple of years ago I got to see Pulp and New Order in the same year and thought things couldn’t get much better than that.

Turns our I was wrong.

Next year I’m seeing four bands, five shows and all within the space of a couple of months.

First up in late February is Peter Hook and The Light performing two of the best New Order albums (mock me all you like but Technique is still my favourite). Having seen the rest of New Order this will nicely complete my set.

On the 10th March it’s Public Service Broadcasting at the Northcote Social Club – never been there before and three days later it’s Jesus Jones performing Doubt at the Corner.

Then the ones I think I’m looking forward to the most – two Frank Turner gigs. One at the Corner with Rae and then a few days laterI get to see him Geelong by myself. Rae and I have been to a Day On The Green and a couple of shows but in 14 years we’ve never been to an old fashioned gig together. Probably says a lot about our different musical tastes but we both like Frank Turner so it should be a great night.

So in the space of a month and a half I should have a few new cool t-shirts to add to the collection. Not sure who else is left that I’d run out see, Pet Shop Boys would be one but for now I think I’ve covered my British band invasion plans pretty well.

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