Not So Skitty Kitty

When Bella was rescued and came to live with us four houses and three children ago(!) she was the most skittish kitten you could ever meet. She trusted no one and never, ever allowed anyone to pat her. Slowly, ever so slowly, she became ‘my’ cat and Rae had Thomas. She would sit on my lap, but no one else’s, and still run a mile from strangers.

After we lost Thomas she changed. Suddenly she became more trusting as she had the house was now her own. While still most definitely ‘my;’’ cat she  began to sit on Rae’s lap every now and then and even smooched strangers she thought nice enough. But never kids. Oh no, children were to be avoided at all costs.

And then along came Moo. Moo listened to us and took things at the glacial pace required. Eventually Bella decided she’d let Moo open and shut the back door for her. Then she decided Moo could pat her whenever she wanted.

But last night. Wow.

Last night Bella deemed Moo lap worthy.

Moo and I were equally surprised. After a couple of minutes Moo said “Dad, I need to go and sit at my desk.”. The surprise was too much and she was a little scared. I told her just to pat Bell and relax. So she did. And Bella purred, turned around and went back to sleep.

Looks like Bella has decided she has two people now.


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