Goodbye Local

I’ve just upgraded my SkyDrive to 75GB, which gives me another 50GB to fill up over the next few years. I now store all my document in the cloud, so much easier to access them whenever and wherever I want using whatever I want. I chose SkyDrive over GoogleDrive as I’m still pretty firmly in the Microsoft eco-system, save for my phone.

I remember I was always incredibly wary of online storage and subscription plans, I was too nervous to fully embrace them until a year or so ago but man, how things change.

I now use these subscription or online apps to run my business and would be lost without them.

  • Office Web Apps for documents
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • SkyDrive for file storage
  • Evernote for, well, notes
  • DropBox for sharing files with clients
  • Insightly for project management and CMS
  • Xero for my accounts
  • GoogleApps for Business for my email and calendar
  • Crashplan for external secure backup
  • Visual Studio online
  • Skype for my phone number

I haven’t subscribed to a music service yet, mainly ‘cause I’m old and only listen to about 20 albums on repeat and if I’m feeling adventurous I’ll switch on BBC 6.

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