Not My Lego

I tried to build a Lego house yesterday and failed. No, not a kit, but one from scratch – it was a total mess.

I think the problem is I don’t know the boy’s Lego. I would have had a similar amount when I was a kid and I would have stored every single piece away in the infinite filing cabinet that is a young boy’s mind. I could search and search for hours, knowing that piece had to be somewhere in the tub and before too long what I had imagined was sitting proudly on my bedroom floor.

Yesterday I was completely lost.. The simple construction I envisaged, most likely using bricks from childhood, became a mishmash of parts that never gelled. I look at Henry who has my Lego recall and I am jealous. He knows exactly what he’s doing and what he has. Maybe I need to take a couple of weeks off and just build, build. If only that was an option.

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