Run Through Old Times

Over a year ago when I started C25K my aim was a) to make it out alive and b) to jog around Albert Park Lake, it’s pretty much spot on 5k around  the whole lake.

This morning I finally did it! Rae is away with the kids so what better time. I headed out early to beat the early morning traffic and, bonus for being an early bird, scored free parking. Off I went and amazingly enough, despite the head wind, I did my fastest ever 5K. It’s not a great speed but it’s my best, and on the day I achieved my aim.

After I sent Rae an sms she suggested I go for coffee at St Ali, like a local, so I did. Man it brought back the memories of when I lived there 20+ years ago. South Melbourne is a great place, especially early morning. I grabbed my superb coffee and went for a walk.

Nostalgia took me back to the terrace house I lived in, looking amazing after being renovated. I was there just in time to hear the old town hall bells toll 8 – I wonder how many other bells still ring in the hour in Melbourne? I walked around to the market but it was only partly open and then strolled back to the car to head back to the ‘burbs.

Can’t think of a better way to start to the day.


South Melbourne Lane I lived here 20+years ago.

Click the icon top left to hear the bells.

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