Public Property

Getting fit has some great side effects. You can run up the ramps at the MCG without collapsing, the kids can’t exhaust you just by suggesting walking home from school, you just generally feel better but it also has a couple of odd effects.

One being this.

This morning after the gym I went to get coffees. I was waiting for the order when I noticed a mum from school She is the mother of one of Bert’s friends from Prep. I know her enough to nod and say hello, but not even well enough to know her name, so I nodded and said hello.

She said hi and then followed up with ‘”you’ve lost too much weight, you’re too skinny now. Not enough meat on your bones, don’t loose any more.”

I have no idea why a person who is to all intents and purposes a stranger would say that to me. Sure, if you know me it would be okay, but imagine if I walked up to someone I had seen a couple of times at the shops and said “gee, you’re fat, you really need to loose that weight, stop eating”. Quite rightly I would be told where to go and how quickly I should go there.

What do you think? Is it okay to tell someone they are too skinny but not okay to tell someone they are overweight? What level of acquaintance makes it okay? Me, I think a person’s weight is completely their own business and not a topic for conversation unless they raise it, especially with someone you don’t know.

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