Suddenly Social

What a change having the twins at school as made.

Suddenly they have become the most amazingly social creatures, and brought Bert along with them. As I type this I’m looking out the window and can see a posse of kids racing up and down on scooters’ Moo, Bert and to a lesser extent Henry screaming along.

The street seems to have come alive this year. Two new families have moved in and both have kids in the same year, or it could be class, still trying to figure that one out, as our kids. Now I hear them yelling ‘Albert!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ to get him to come out. On the weekend I came out of my office to find two new kids walking through the house with Henry. I said ‘Hello’ and one of them, pointing to the other, said ‘I’m his brother’. Right you are then. Then they all disappeared. It was only then I realised I had no idea which of the neighbours they had gone to. Dad of the Year stuff there.

Last night I was walking back to the office and noticed a shadow outside the front door. It was the little girl from across the road. After telling me she was a vegetarian (right you are then) she had a chat to Albert about reading books or something. Sometimes no matter how much attention you pay kid’s conversations just don’t make sense.

So now it looks like I will hardly be seeing them after school, unless I look out my window (oh, look, there’s another kid shown up out of the blue) but I can hear them no matter where they go. It’s a good thing, I’m happy they have friends next door and it makes the street feel more like a community.

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