Geek Jog

If only I had have realised just how geeky you can get getting fit I would have started so much earlier.

I’ve recently moved from jogging on a treadmill at the gym to jogging outside. First thing I did was have my stride analysed and bought some great new Asics running shoes based on the recommendations. They feel like running on air.

I have also bought an arm band to hold my phone. I can now track my runs using Endomondo so I can record all sorts of stats and maps thanks to the wonders of GPS. At the same time I can play Zomnbies Run to keep me motivated. Or if I don’t want to escape the zombie hordes I can use my wireless Bluetooth headphones to listen to music or 6 Music over the net.

I’m sure there’s even more tech I can call on as I progress, any suggestions?

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