We were watching the news tonight and there was a story about the Eureka climb – 88 flights of stairs in Melbourne’s tallest building. I ‘hmmmmmmmmmmmmd’ and Rae asked if I was contemplating it.

“I’d have to get in shape first.” was my response.

She gave me a bemused look, paused and said “Don’t you realise you are in shape?”.

I can honestly say this was the first time that thought had crossed my mind. I actually am in shape. Then all I could do was laugh that such a ridiculous notion was true. Sure I’d have to train for it but I’ve done some hard yards and got to the point where me doing something like this, even as a ‘walker’ not in the competitive stream, isn’t in the realms of science fiction.

Sometimes you really do have to have the bleeding obvious pointed out to you.

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