The Lemon Of Hope

Three years ago mum gave us a belated house warming present – two fruit trees. One lemon and one lime. It’s taken a while and despite the fact I have two brown thumbs we finally have lemons. This years crop numbers three and here is the Lemon Of Hope I mentioned almost two years ago. You can even see the tree on the day it was planted.


While we’re not at the stage of trying to offload excess lemons on neighbours and friends it’s still very exciting to have grown our own fruit. The lime tree is still struggling along and had a little spurt this year so maybe in three years time our lemons may be joined by the Limes Of Hope.

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  1. Bugger, I’ve had mine for nearly 5 years and still no fruit, it looks healthy though!!
    Lemon trees must be the housewarming gift of choice for mothers because that’s where mine came from too!!!

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