I Seem To Have Joined A Gym

Many, many, many years ago I joined a gym and, surprisingly enough, I enjoyed it. It didn’t last that long, I think we moved and it all just became too hard to keep up.

Fast forward 20 or so years and I’m back.

My recent little scare (which looks increasingly like it wasn’t cardiac related) has caused some re-evaluation of how I go about living my life. I’m trying to be better with what I eat by cutting down on servings and trying to avoid the bad-but-oh-so-good stuff. I still have a long way to go but I’m definitely better than I once was. If I could only bring myself to eat some fruit, that would be a big help.

The worse thing though is my job has me sitting at my desk all day, every day and that’s not a good thing. Trying to find the time to get around to walking or exercising while running my own business and wrangling the kids just wasn’t working and all the time the little voice at the back of my head was saying “come on Tony, do something”.

A couple of weeks ago I was at the shops and took notice of some flyers lying on a table. It was for the new Jetts opening at the shopping centre. I took a flyer and a couple of days later I plucked up the courage to walk in the door. Travis, the manager, was fantastic. He took the time to take me on a tour, tell me about what they offered and there was no pressure at all. I thought about it over night and went back to join up the next day.

I went to the orientation this morning so I’m all set to go. Things sure have changed, you can now plug you iPod or USB stick directly in to the machines. I think last time I was at a gym I would have taken my Walkman if I wanted my own music.  I’ve signed up for a few personal training sessions to get some advice and a program to get me started. It’s still a scary thought to be heading back to a gym but oddly enough I’m looking forward to it, even if the machines looked more like instruments of torture than fitness aids.

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  1. One word of advice: go slow at the start. I mean, very slow. Or you”l be sore and stiff the next day and not feeling that good 🙂 A friend on Facebook is just facing that fact after her first day at the gym => 20 mins on the elliptical trainer and 20 mins doing weights. She’s very sore now.

    Good luck! 🙂

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