Friday Afternoon

I remember reading years ago, even before having children, that kids do better at school if they see their parents are actively interested in the school and their schooling. This must have really stuck with me and it’s the reason today that the young ones and I went to the school early for Bert’s class assembly.

It was held in his room, sorry, ‘learning space’. A few parents were there and we watched the kids report on what they’d done during the week, some awards were given out and happy birthday sung for those with a birthday this week. It was fun to watch, especially as Henry couldn’t get far enough away from a little girl who took a shine to him, and the half hour or so went very quickly.

On the way home I asked Bert, as I always do, what the best part of the day was. “Assembly.” I was bit surprised as he wasn’t involved in any way so I asked him why. “Because you came dad.”

Now that’s how you end a week.

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