Creature Of Habit

Rae will roll her eyes when I tell you I’m a create of habit.  It tends to drive her mad . “Coffee? No thanks, it’s after 3.30.” (you can’t have a coffee after 3.30, it’s just wrong.) would be just one of my many quirks that drive her mad.

Today is Thursday, the day Nana takes the kids so I can work, and my Thursday habit revolves around lunch. It’s my one day of the week I eat out so at midday off I’ll head and pick up my rice paper rolls and my sushi rolls, they know me now and I don’t generally have to ask. If it’s school time I’ll also generally have a take away coffee after dropping off Bert.

It will be interesting to see if things change this year with the young ones in kinder and the elder two at school. I’ll have every day of the week to work now. I wonder what new habits I’ll pick up.

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